Professional Surfer

Clearwater team rider Zoltan Torkos, a Hungarian Italian Magician, is a world wide recognizable athlete in three sports; Surfing, Wake-surfing, and skateboarding. Born and raised in Santa Cruz California, Zoltan grew up surfing and skateboarding everyday with relentless dedication. Being a fourth generation magician, it is no surprise to know he performs magic on water. His unique talent in surfing lead him to be the first to ever land a kick flip on a surfboard and to later bring this illusive skateboard trick to wake surfing as well. Mentored by Skip Engblom from Dog Town, Zoltan’s passion is to lead surfing into the future by introducing new technical skate tricks to the sport of surfing.

We at Clearwater believe in supporting passionate, artistic, creatives and we stand with Zoltan on his quest to innovate the sport of surfing.


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